Although I mostly work with 3D vector-based computer graphics, I do some two dimensional "paint" ones as well. I mostly use Photoshop to create or manipulate images to put into my 3D work, as well as in post-production on completed pieces, but I have made some independent, solely 2D pieces as well, mostly for art classes.



Floating Lights




Paint by Pixel; the Digital Artist



Part of a series dealing with the individual in the faceless crowd, and the momentum of the modern business machine.




In addition to digital drawing, I also make art by hand in many other mediums, my favorite being pencil drawing. Usually I bring a sketchbook with me and draw any ideas or cool sights that I see (especially while traveling). After I have a good drawing I will convert it into a 3D piece. Almost all of my pieces were created like that from a hand drawing first. Below are a few of my handmade pieces of art.