This page has a sampling of many different pieces created throughout my studies of computer graphics. Almost every piece here explored some aspect of the technical side of computer graphics, from modeling, to lighting, to creating different types of atmosphere spaces and moods, and ultimately striving towards a photo-realistic quality. Most of the pieces here were created as art assignments, thus they experiment with particular aesthetic principles. Some of the pieces were created as a series, working together to deal with a chosen concept and theme. Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you.



A full spectrum through style and experience


One of my first pieces




Click on the image to see some more pictures:





Aside from still pictures I do a few animations. Below is a still from a commercial animation I did as a cut-away in a DVD for a skateboard magazine. (I hope to update it soon with the sound-effects and other clips for full affect- check back soon.)

Click on the image below to see the low-res, unedited, silent animation.

Here is another animation I did for fun during my Lighting Study. Click anywhere on the image for the animation.

Space Animation, click on the image.





Professional Project Example

Below is an example of a project which I did for production designs for a personal powered glider (PPG). I received simple blueprints and from that created a fully shaded model, and output it to a variety of alpha-channeled stills, an animated fly-around, a VRML file, and a few other formats. Because of the high degree of visual communication my product visualizations allowed, the concept got funding and went into production.
Please click on the image below to see some of the other visualizations. -Note all work here is copyrighted- nothing may be used without consent of the owner.





Series pieces





This was one of my first art assignment series exploring different phases of impossibility, and visual paradoxes.



This more recent series was a technical attempt to create naturalistic outdoor scenes effectively. It is fairly effective, but below are more pieces from even later on showing more development.



The following piece was made most recently during my in-depth, cross-diciplinary study of cinema and computer graphics, focusing mostly on lighting. The improvement is astounding.





I occasionally use photographs in my pictures . In my lighting study I did some exercises such as the one below to match the lighting and atmosphere between a computer generated foreground and an actually photograph background.





That is my GC portfolio. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you - if you have any questions or comments please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

First lighting piece