Contrasted with creating art while sitting at a computer, I also enjoy capturing art found in the natural, outdoor world. My natural strength and biggest interest is in cinematography - finding the most pleasing way to fill the frame visually, creating the most beautiful image out of a given scene. Below are thumbnails of some still pictures I have taken with my digital camera. Click on any of them to see the full-size photo.







I am currently working on creating a new website exclusively for my film work. Hopefully it will be ready in the near future.

I am an independent film director and writer. My goal as an artist is to tap into the underlying sublime layer of beauty and magic to unleash the art which surrounds us every day, and focus it into a professional, beautiful, entertaining and interesting film.
I am currently finishing up my script for a feature length psychological-drama which I will be directing on 35mm film for art-house theatrical distribution in this next year. For more information please contact me.

I also do smaller scale video productions as ArtTap Productions. I do writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and DVD creation. My main focus is in cinematography and then editing. I have done freelance work for various clients with projects ranging from personal biographies to commercials to shorts to event videography. I have my own equipment and work from start to finish on the productions.

My current pet project of my own is putting together 10 hours of footage which I acquired over the last summer while traveling through Europe and Scandinavia with my filming partner in search for the "Golden Feeling" which exists in all life across all boundaries.

Recently I participated in the Boulder Shootout 24-hour extreme filmmaking competition as director of photography. Our project did very well- it placed at the top of 99 original teams! You can see the film, "Dante's Denouement" on its official site:

You can see some other projects I have worked on at these links:
"Soul Medicin" Music Video
Again and Again Trailer
Flutist on a Dacati
Rabbi skiing to Hebrew Reggae (WMV files)

Please take a look at my bio, compliments and references, my resumé, and my filmography with film synopsis.

My current demo reel is now on DVD - contact me to recieve a copy.

Please contact me if you would like any more information, or would like to see any of my other work, and don't forget to check back for my completed film site!
Thank you.

Jeff Schomay


Here is a sample of one of my early screenplays for a short I made which was quite popular. Please take a look if you like. All work is copyrighted.

Room with a View


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