Bio, Compliments, and References for Jeff Schomay





Graduated from the University of Colorado with a BFA degree in Film Production, Jeff Schomay is known for his unique and unusual filming methods and styles.  He focuses on exceptional visual aesthetics and composition to manipulate the minds of the audience to the fullest extent, and seeks out the ideal to unleash the full essence and power behind the subject.  In addition to competency over all aspects of film production, Jeff is also very talented at 3D computer graphic imaging, as well as traditional artwork by hand.  He is an avid juggler, a prestidigitator, loves to travel, and is active in many sports.  His current work includes an intensive two-month stylized-documentary/ travel-adventure film from a trek through the back-roads of Eastern and Northern Europe with his filming partner in search of the elusive, mystical, "Golden Feeling" of human sprit which lives below the surface and crosses boundaries of cultural, geographical, and political differences.  He is currently in pre-production for his debut theatrical feature, which he plans on filming in 2005.




My entire clientele has been extremely pleased when working with me and always have a very enjoyable experience. 


Read some of what they are saying:


Jeff Schomay is IN to it! From the photography on "Dante's Denouement" and, now, right up to the poster, he demonstrates a true love and dedication to making a film. Watch this kid... He's going to do something spectacular one day and I hope I'm in it. Plus, he's a nice guy to work with...creative, even-tempered and open-minded. Nice work, Jeff.”

            -Don Kraus, Producer, director, writer, and actor in Dante’s Denouement

(“warning” the director after production of Dante’s Denouement)


"You are a genius. This is soooooo great!!!"

            -Robert Kittilä, Lighting instructor and producer

(commenting on visual design of CG project, TrashSat)



“Many people can just edit, but to make that scene funny you must be a genius!”

-Chun Pan, Producer, director, writer, Pan Productions

(excited about my “saving-the-scene” editing in Whispers From Poland)



“You really made me look beautiful!”

            -Kristine Williams Boswell, actress

(surprised at her appearance in Dante’s Denouement)



“You’ve got it, and you know it.  I’ve been waiting for someone like you to come around…”

            -Gregory Breitenbach, Producer, Little Mysteries Productions

(after seeing me at work and the results; to-be-producer of my first feature)




Don Kraus, Producer, director, writer and actor



Gregory Breitenbach, Producer, Little Mysteries Productions



Robert Kittiä, Lighting instructor and producer



Larry Singer, Executive producer for Nu Mon



Chun Pan, Producer, director, writer, Pan Productions



More references available upon request.




Thank you!